Redefining Checkout Process To Make It Simple, Secure And Faster.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a unified payment platform that can be used for online, retail stores, services, dining, fast food etc.

Our Story

We wanted to improve the checkout process for consumers.

We wanted to use the same solution across all merchants.

We added retail promotions and made it available at a touch of a button.

Paper receipts don’t meet consumer needs. We digitized and made them available on your smart phone

Why choose us?

  • Safety & Security

    QRtize provides the security for payments. We use encrypted QR code technology to offer users with the best and most secure method.

  • Producivity

    Cut down on the manual procedures and improve your productivity while directly connecting with your customers. This not only helps in cutting down the cost but also helps in building a stronger relationship with your customer.

  • Minimalist Design

    Our app is based upon a minimalistic and simple design which makes it extremely easy for consumers to use.

  • Advance Technology

    QR codes are the safest and quickest way to automate retail checkout experience.


Our Vision

Our vision is to innovate the payment solutions that can help merchants and consumers to make buying easy.