Simple, Secure And Fast Checkout At Any Of The Merchant’s Stores


Let your phone view the menu, order and pay. Enjoy eating the delicacies at your favorite fast-food restaurant. Try QRtize Now!


Order food from your smartphone and pay using our advanced QR technology at your favorite dine-in restaurant. Enjoy your meal!


Don’t reach for your wallet every time you have to make a purchase. Online shopping has never been safer and simpler


Let your phone be your shopping companion! Experience faster checkouts and digital receipts at retail stores with QRtize.

Key Features

Our app lets you dine in or shop in a more convenient manner with additional benefits.

Faster Checkout

Your iPhone is now the simpler and faster way to order at your favorite fast food restaurants.

A Whole New Dining Experience

Contactless Menus, Ordering, Payments and Paperless Receipts, all at your fingertips.

Place Order Easily

Remove the hassle of entering your debit/credit card at every eCommerce website

Shopping Like Never Before

No Swiping. No Paper receipts at any retail stores. Your phone now can pay and keep the digital receipts

Discount Coupons

Coupons are inside your smart phone. Saving money has never been easier.

All Transactions At Your Finger Prints

No more paper receipts. Instead you have digital receipts

Payment Security

No more worrying about Credit Card Fraud. Your phone does all the payments in a secured way.

Shop With Confidence

Let QRtize be your daily shopping companion and shop confidently with great ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is QRtize Mobile App?

QRtize is all about how to get better deals to you for saving more money and checking out at any of our merchants - Fast Food Restaurants, Dine in Restaurants, Retail Stores, eCommerce Stores. It is a one stop Mobile App solution made to create an ease of use for consumers

You can pay whoever, however, whenever you want, with the added security and convenience of course.

What Benefit Does It Have For Consumers?

QRtize brings savings to finger tips. No need of paper coupons. Loyalty Cards save more money. On top, our personalized deals brings you more savings.

What Happens To My Security?

We ensure complete safety and security by using latest QR Code technology which allows us to keep your data and privacy completely confidential.

How Does It Work?

For Consumers, we have QRtize Mobile App in both Apple App Store for iOS devices and Google Play Store for Andriod Devices. Install and login to the app. Its more intutive and simple to use.

Where can I use QRtize Mobile App?

You can shop and checkout in our merchant network.

Will My Information Be Safe?

User information privacy is one of the pillars that our service stands tall and proud on. Our customers trust us with their money and personal information which is encrypted with the latest and greatest security apparatus. Rest assured, in our hands, your data is safe.

Qrtize's Marchants List

Enjoy the most feasible and faster way of payments for maximum work productivity at your workplace. QRTize helps your customers make choices faster at any fast-food restaurants, dine-in restaurants, retail shopping and e-commerce stores.

Ready To Start Your Business With QRTize

QRTize makes your online payments seamless. You can use QRTize for faster checkouts at your store and do business with less staff. Serve your customers faster with all transactions at your fingerprint.



I shop online at a lot of stores. I do not like to store to my credit card info with any of these stores. Thanks to QRtize, now I can shop online stress free.


Recently a friend asked me to try the QRtize App the next time I went to a restaurant. I gave it a try and absolutely love it.


I am always carrying my cell phone. Now I can replace my wallet with it. It is so easy to view the menu, select my meal and pay for it with out touching hard copy menu or talking to cashier. Nothing is safer or easier.

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